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September 26, 2012 glenn Uncategorized

Welcome to Reverse Global Warming.  Yes, it says Reverse!  We’re not slowing it down — we are turning it around!  That temperature rise “in the pipeline” is only going to happen if we don’t reduce CO2 levels.  So we reduce CO2 levels, plain and simple.

I know this is an urgent issue, but please be patient.  This is the first post, just to say we’re here.  More pages added soon.

The basic premise of reversing global warming is that photosynthesis turns the two most significant greenhouse gasses — H2O and CO2 into simple sugars, which becomes part of living vegetation.

More life = less CO2.  

So we are about enabling as much new biomass as possible.  Reducing emissions will only slow the rate of temperature rise, so more life is necessary if global temperatures are to be reduced.

Note that there are other natural techniques we can use to remove atmospheric carbon, notably forestry/agroforestry and biochar, but other lesser known methods as well.

If you are extra eager, you may want to check for starters.   One of the most rapid and massive methods of sequestering carbon is actually animal grazing.  Having enough animal impact and allowing enough rest between grazings on grasslands creates conditions that rapidly grow topsoil and sequester carbon in humic substances in the soil.

So this is a Big Undo!  We still need to stop burning fossil fuels, but whether or not that happens anytime soon, we have much more to overcome than what we are currently emitting.  Well over a century of emissions are already causing enormous, earth-changing problems.  That’s why the Big Undo on what has been emitted, as well as the current emission Stop or Slow.

So learn what you need to, and get started.  This is not just an Undo — it’s Big!, so you are an important part of this.  The task can be daunting, but stay focused, and have no fear.  We are here to guide and support you in your Big! work in the Big Undo!  project!


See Reverse Global Warming’s Resources page to find out what can be done, or contact for presentations or consulting.

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