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February 2, 2014 glenn Uncategorized

This was the straw…. Something I read today –

“If the carbon emissions from fossil fuels are allowed to continue to accumulate in the atmosphere, the science of what will happen sooner or later is relatively clear….”

Even if they don’t accumulate, it’s “relatively clear” that things will still go from bad to worse!

If we stop fossil emissions today, we will experience more warming. Weather events, drought in the Southwest, sea level rising with a Relocation in Fiji underway, Lake Michigan level lowering with Washington Island (see — these and more are current events. With zero emissions, we still won’t like the outcome, which will be worse, not better, than what we are experiencing today. I’m all for reduced emissions, but don’t go thinking it will keep things from getting worse.

On the other hand, if they “are allowed to continue to accumulate in ” biomass and soil, that’s a whole different story!

Here’s another one –

“In the pipeline,” “more warming in the pipeline,” “0.8 degrees in the pipeline.” True, if all we do is reduce emissions, but these statements make it sound as if there is no way to reverse the temperature trend.

Hey everybody! There are things we can do! It’s already too warm, so stopping burning of fossils won’t keep it from getting warmer, and it’s Not “in the pipeline” … if we get busy and lifen-up the planet!! More life!!

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