Map Tells Us All Where To Go

March 31, 2014 glenn Uncategorized

This is so helpful. This map tells us where to be when the climate gets worse. Now we can all run to the same places and overpopulate them.


Permaculture training tells us to avoid disturbing the best places. Choose somewhere that needs improving, and improve it!  

We move into a home.  It took resources to build.  We buy things that take resources to make.  We eat food that results from one of the most destructive systems on the planet — modern agriculture … and we rarely return anything.  It’s no wonder our tank is just above empty.  Actually, we are probably running on fumes!

Ergo, do something about it. Look at the key in the lower left corner of the map and pretend the scale is upside down. Go to these best worst places and design our paradises. They need restored, and we can restore them. If we keep screwing up the best places, and don’t improve the ones that need it, we will not have anything.

One of my favorite quotes is from a talk and the end of a book by Janisse Ray, author of The Seed Underground, talking about the genetic erosion, the control and malappropriation of genetic information, what it means for our future, the forests, the songbirds, the fish in the ocean, how safe the world will be with most the world’s edible’s DNA locked in a Norwegian vault (Not very!). She ends by saying “Are you gonna farmer up, or just lie there and bleed.” These words also apply to climate change, global ecological and social instability, and the map and article in question.

There is a lot that we can do to help create a more intelligent, beautiful, and meaningful way of living on this earth. I have detailed in these pages ways that water can be harvested, ways to create microclimates that increase rainfall and cool the earth, how farmers are doubling and tripling yields with natural, biological methods, and sequestering millions of tons of carbon. That’s a great start, but we need all of you to “farmer up.”

Please, don’t look at that map and expect that the world will be the way it shows, because if you do, it will. Catch the vision of a blue (water), green, and black (topsoil) world, “find a place to push”, and “plant intentions”.

What we need is a new map, one that shows what will happen if we envision and act to create a healthy and abundant planet.

One more quote from Janisse. “Rev up your awesome.”  Let’s find out how awesome we are. Grow more life! That will change the map!!

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