Let’s Accept It?

February 1, 2013 glenn Uncategorized

Colbert — sooo funny! http://ecowatch.org/2013/stephen-colbert-climate-coverage/

This time, he picks on some lines from Erick Erickson:
“Really, the biggest problem is that what does it matter. We could shut down production of everything tomorrow that causes greenhouse gasses, and China and India are, and even if everyone did, the effects wouldn’t take effect until a hundred years from now.”

There is some truth there, except for two things — We can make it much worse, and We don’t have to wait a hundred years if we do more to turn carbon in the air into carbon in trees and soil.

Erickson again: “Seems like it’s a problem we have to get used to … a problem as opposed to something we can cure.”

Global warming denial has gone through many phases, as Colbert joked. This acceptance provides something for every flavor of denier. You can believe that it’s not happening, or it’s not man-made, or this is just natural or solar cycles or volcanoes. And now with more people, or viewers, realizing that the earth is warming, the new flavor is — even if we stop emitting greenhouse gasses, it won’t matter.

The sad, sad, really sad thing is that that’s what McKibbin, Shellenberger, Van Jones, Suzuki, and most others who want a healthy environment also appear to be saying — reduce emissions and avoid a two degree rise in temperature, with all the cataclysm that brings. Worse, not better. If that’s all that we do, then Erickson is mostly right. Let’s accept it! “Give up” on a BETTER world.  ”Crappy Diem.” It is sad that environmentalists confuse the issue by saying things that make it sound like everything will be BETTER if we reduce emissions. Listen to Colbert. He mentions “solutions”. To what? Massive floods, droughts, heat waves, extinction?

It’s already happening, folks; “… incrementally reducing CO2 emissions” won’t fix it. It won’t be better. It will still be WORSE than it is now by another degree or more. Erickson is straightforward. “… the [positive, temperature reversing] effects wouldn’t take effect until a hundred years from now.”

But that’s only true unless we get going, and get more life going! We desperately need to do BETTER!

Please join those who understand and work with nature and the primordial currency of life, that being carbon, to create massive amounts of more life, and bring about the trend reversal needed on our planet. Extinction, desertification, flooding, drought, hunger can all be positively impacted by designing systems that support each other, eat each other, hold water, and sequester carbon — naturally.  Instead of just trying to make this situation “less bad”, let’s actually make it better, abundantly and deliciously better!!


See Reverse Global Warming’s Resources page to find out what can be done, or contact climatestable@gmail.com for presentations or consulting.

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  • steve says:

    Do the Math : new documentary that talks about the numbers involved … the giga-tons of CO2 is what really gets me … My father was a right wing environmental scientist who worked for the Navy … He flew all over the world measuring the radio signals and upper atmospheric conditions in the 50s – 90s … he loved all the conservative politicians and was very disappointed with the right wings views on global warming … turning in his grave now as the global warming deniers keep at it … watch this video:

  • glenn says:

    Steve. I can’t access the video. How do we get permission?

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