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October 25, 2012 glenn Uncategorized

Take a look at the NOAA site for the Mauna Loa Observatory where CO2 measurements are taken daily.

This shows the most recent monthly mean CO2 data, and if you look below for the Mauna Loa Monthly Mean Average link and view the data for May 2012 through September, the values are 396.78 ppm in May and 391.05 in September, a 5.73 ppm drop in five months.  Atmospheric CO2 levels dropping!!  That’s exciting, don’t you think?

Why is this happening?  It’s because of Nature.  There are still emissions, but Nature has used all of that CO2, plus all of the CO2 gains from the last 2 1/2 years!  It is able to do this because there is more living biomass in the north than in the south, so the summer in the north has so much more growth that it devours more than the carbon emitted.

Unfortunately, the annual trend will still be upward by a couple of ppm per year, but Nature has saved us from it being 9 ppm per year because the oceans, biosphere, and soils are using the majority of the CO2, most of that for photosynthesis.

Yet the fact remains, for five months of every year, Nature trumps emissions!

That should tell us something.

While we are working on policy changes, and rallying and protesting, we could also be sequestering more of what is being emitted.  We need More Nature, More Life!  It will take a lot, so let’s get to work!

See Reverse Global Warming’s Resources page to find out what can be done, or contact for presentations or consulting.

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