House On Fire — Get Out the Hose

November 18, 2013 glenn Uncategorized

I just want to tweek the analogy here.

This is one of the comments made by Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune after the release of the IPCC report late September.   “OK.  Enough with the scary stuff.  Here’s the single most important thing you need to know about the AR5: It’s not too late. We still have time to do something about climate disruption. The best estimate from the best science is that we can limit warming from human-caused carbon pollution to less than 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit—if we act now. Bottom line: Our house is on fire. Rather than argue about how fast it’s burning, we need to start throwing buckets of water.”

The climate situation is indeed analogous to a burning house, but it’s one where there is more fuel being added constantly.  The approach of the climate movement has been that we should not put so much wood on it, or better yet, stop feeding the fire.

That’s not a very hopeful strategy.  To put out the fire requires a different approach.  My goal is that we do not allow the fire to reach 2 degrees C, but that we actually put the fire out and return to a more stable climate and a temperature range that supports such a climate.  That means not just dialing back the carbon emissions, but dialing down the carbon in the atmosphere.

Let’s dial up nature, forestry, eco-ag, carbon farming.  More life!  That’s our fire hose!

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