me--pro-web“Connecting nature, agriculture, and global warming in concept and practice, including food as medicine, and a healthy planet and healthy people go hand in hand.”

Writer, climate activist, and farmer, Glenn Gall, living in Oberlin, Ohio, received his B.A. from Huntington University and an A.A.B from Lorain County Community College. After decades in a successful career as a research assistant in polymer R&D, and a few years more as an electronic technician, Glenn trained in permaculture, earning two design certificates, and began farming, mostly perennial systems and grazing, while also immersing himself in the study of global warming mitigation.  He offers workshops and presentations on ways to stabilize and improve the climate using agriculture and natural systems and related topics, and consults with landowners about water harvesting, eco-farming, and transitioning away from conventional ag.  The problem is enormous.  Glenn focuses on methods that can rapidly and massively transform and regenerate our landscape.

“The transcendent problem has more to do with how we manage living systems than just reducing CO2 emissions.  Our planet is living, so life is supremely important.  The dynamic is complex, and interrelates greenhouse gases, how they cycle in oceans, vegetation, and soil, how solar radiation is filtered, reflected, absorbed, re-radiated, and how mutualisms in life systems contribute to more life.  Photosynthesis and humification are part of processes that cycle CO2 and water, and contribute to cloud nucleation and raindrop formation.  All of this is important to regenerating earth’s life systems.”

“The problems of biodiversity loss, desertification, deforestation, and global warming all point to one fact.  We have no choice but to recreate Eden!

Available for presentations and consulting. For more information on solutions, see the Resources tab, or email: glenngall at gmail dot com.

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