We Should Celebrate!

February 27, 2013 glenn Uncategorized

We’ve spent 25 years above 350 ppm CO2 in the atmosphere, and five years knowing that we should be below 350.

Most people think that the only thing we can do about global warming is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  Sadly, most scientists and environmentalists think the same way.  Fortunately, there are some that understand what need to happen and are doing it. Here is just one example, Colin Seis in New South Wales, Australia.  Not only is his farm sequestering about 15,000 tons of CO2 per year and economically and ecologically growing food, there are now over 2000 other practitioners of his Pasture Cropping system in Australia.

Seis and his method are having an enormous impact. He has not only farmed well, but influenced thousands more to follow his example. If each of the other Pasture Cropping farms sequesters the amount that Seis’ farm does, that becomes 30 million tons per year or 1/1000 of global emissions. The impact is no doubt less, but considering the rate of acceptance, 30 million should only be a few years off.  An annual doubling of that impact gets us recycling nearly all CO2 emissions into the soil in 10 years.  I predict that Australia’s soils will sequester more than the CO2 emitted there within this decade.

Seis and followers are showing us how effective we can be if we let nature work for us.

Can more of us commit to promoting carbon farming methods like these, or to helping farmers with their chores or marketing, or to becoming farmers? Imagine the impact of such commitments. This spring, let us recognize that we have been in the danger zone for 25 years too long, and recognize that we have been made aware of the danger five years ago. Because we are now on a trajectory that will take us below the danger level, let us celebrate that we are enabling a stable climate for all foreseeable generations.

If you have made the commitment, let’s celebrate together on April 7, that five years after the announcement that warned us to reverse global warming, we are doing it!  Details TBA.

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